Task management system using timekeeping

Hello all!

This is my first major arduino project and I am not sure if it is too ambitious or not. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I want to create a "task tracking" system for my job. I want to be able to time each task I perform, and have the total time taken stored into memory. It will be controlled via a control panel with "begin" "stop" and "idle" push buttons as well as a "task code" entry system comprised of a keypad similar to a touch tone phone keypad. All of this will be connected to the arduino and have the final output be on a 20x4 LED screen. This LED screen will display a basic timer showing the current amount of time spent on the task being performed, and the name of the task being performed. I am hoping to develop some other items to be displayed on the screen if this is successful.

This is my general idea of how it would work from start to finish.

1.) I enter a number on the keypad corresponding to a predefined task that I have programmed into memory. 2.) I press the "begin" push button which begins the timer associated with that task. 3.) The name of the task, and time elapsed is output onto the LED screen. 4.) If I press the "idle" push button, it will pause the time elapsed on the current task, and begin a second timer for "time idle" and display this on the LED screen. (total idle time spent over multiple tasks will be stored and displayed alongside the idle timer) When I press "begin" again, my previous task is resumed and the timer for that task is displayed on the screen. 5.) Once I press the "stop" push button, it ends my current time spent on that task and is stored into memory under that task.

This is my basic idea on how this system will work. It is my plan to be able to retrieve time spent on tasks from memory for review at a later time (On the LED screen), or possibly have this data transferred via USB to a PC for review of time spent on tasks and time spent idle.

My question to all of you would be, is this a feasible project? What would be my limitations on such an idea? I have experience with more simple timekeeping projects such as a countdown timer and a basic clock, but I would like to see if I can implement more advanced time functions and turn this into a very useful task management system to be used at my workplace. Thank you all in advance for your advice, and I would be happy to answer any questions.

Do you need to know the actual time, like a clock ? If you don't, it is not so hard. The Arduino crystal has some kind of accuracy, you could use just millis() for time.

The most simple way to get data to the pc, is sending a command via the serial monitor, and the Arduino writes data to the serial monitor which you can safe into a file to be read into a spreadsheet. Perhaps you might need an extra external EEPROM to store the data.

This seems like a project that would be much easier to implement on a PC rather than on an Arduino.


I don't need to know the actual time of day, it will be more of a stop watch mechanism.

And I would just do it on the pc but why do that when I can do it while having fun with an arduino? :)

I can't see why it wouldn't work, you only need a couple variables to store the running time, start off with blink without delay example then create a variable for starttime, endtime,totalruntime, startidle, stopidle, totalidle and subtract/add the differences. making sure that if the idle button is pressed multiple time it keeps track of all of the total idle time.

Thank you! It is becoming much more clear now. As far as wiring goes I am going to have the standard hookup for the LED screen to the arduino and keep the arduino uno inside the control box where each button will connect to a seperate pinout to make for an easy program. The power supply will come from a simple wall outlet

Hello all!

This is my first major arduino project and I am not sure if it is too ambitious or not. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
I want to create a “task tracking” system for my job.

There must be PC software sold for this, as it’s what lawyers need to keep track of how much time they spend on each client’s case.

There are tons of task tracker websites out there, but that doesn't have the cool factor of building your own project.

If you add a wifi/Ethernet shield you could use this to update a web server with your tasks, wire it into a staples easy button and you now have awesome

I do realize there is software for this, but the whole point is to have the fun creating the hardware and code for that hardware myself :) That is the whole fun in electronics! And I love the web server function idea, my boss would love that aspect!

I may also add a temp and humidity sensor to have a constant display of room temp and humidity.

Are interested in using a 74c922 keypad encoder chip for a 4x4 keypad. I can give you a link to a project I posted in the Gallery. Also, do you want to use ONEWIRE DS18B20 3-pin digital temp sensors (16 bit resolution) ? I can give some example programs. You could use a 6-digit 7-segment lcd. I can give you the link and an example program. The demo comes with a count up timer example.