Task Schedule with time syncing over Internet

Hi everybody. I'm starting a new project where I take some measures and send a weekly report. I've seen dozens of ways to schedule tasks, but I'm not up to difficult things, only the basics.

I'm using Mega with Ethernet Shield W5100 and I'd like my board to know what time is it over Internet instead of having to manually load it every time the power supply gets switched off.

So, is there an easy-to-use library which can help me with this?

I'd prefer not using a RTC :o

Thank you in advance.



Why don't you send a request to your device, when it's time to send the report?

Hi everybody, first of all, sorry for my delayed answer. Well, an Internet Time Client as it is it's not exactly what I'm looking for, because I have to hook it up after to my scheduled task.

@spycatcher2k: Don't be like this, I've googled A LOT before opening this thread, the reason why I've done it it's because nothing I've found was 'compact' enough, but a lot of code for a simple task. Besides, isn't this a Project [u]Guidance[/u] forum?

The link you shared says 'scheduler-friendly', but I don't really see how I can schedule actions with it. Am I missing something? What is a 'cooperative scheduler environment'?

Thank you.


If you wouldn't have posted a link to NTPclient, I'd thought you are just an Internet Troll. Thank God you are not, and thank God I'm not an Internet leecher.

I think your link is the most promising approximation to what I need to achieve. I'll go in that direction.