TB6560 MD430 how to connect

Hello All ,

On the beginning I would like to say hello , this is my first post and my first and machine. I spend all day yesterday and I couldn’t find solution for my problem.

I have driver tb6560 with pinot , STEP DIR EN +5. I found a lot of information about this driver but they have different pinout ( DIR+ DIR- PULL+ PULL-).

I am trying connect Nema23 motor for my cnc router and control it with GRBL.

Can you tell me how can I connect my TB6560 driver with arduino , or what I need to connect it?

In attached I added picture of my driver

Thank you all for help

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STEP is the equivalent of Pull+ and DIR is the equivalent of DIR+. PULL- and DIR- would be connected to GND.

Some stepper drivers do not require EN to be connected and some others do - but I never know whether it needs to be connected to 5v or GND.

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

Hello , thank you for your response!

But as you can see on photo I have STEP DIR EN +5V. I connected STEP to pin 4 , DIR to pin 7 , EN to pin 8 and +5v to 5v on arduino.

Motor make just buzzer sound and doesn't move.

I don't have on my driver PULL + - ( please check my picture)

I don't have on my driver PULL + - ( please check my picture)

I know that. I assumed you were referring to a different driver in your Original Post.

Have you got the motor correctly connected? One motor coil should go to the B connections and the other to the A connections.

What stepper motor power supply have you got? (volts and amps)

Have you the DIP switches on the driver correctly set?

Post a link to the datasheet for the stepper driver.

Post a link to the datasheet for your stepper motor.

Post the program you have been using for testing.



I found the reason why I couldn't run motor.

So , I connected STEP to pin 4 , DIR to pin 7 , EN is not connected and +5v to pin 8. But to work it I had to change $4=1 , this command invert signal in pin 8 and apear 5v on this pin. I use to control GRBL and UGS. After this my step motor run properly.

I use power suply 350W 10A,
Driver is TB6560 MD320,
Motor Nema 23 23hs8430b

Link to datasheet


I setup DIP switches 3A , Declay to 0% , torque 50% and steps 1/16 and works fine for me.

Thank you for your help and hopefully this will help someone in future. My driver is not very common and was sold in kit with mach 3 breakout board. I connected it successfully to arduino uno.