TB6560 (stepper motor) driver board sketch?


Has anyone used an Arduino sketch to run this motor driver or anything similar? I want to try to use my arduino instead of the CNC to manually drive 3 axis machine... run specified axis for a specified distance and specified speed... by signalling the TB6560 to drive the motors with the outputs of my Arduino.

And would be cool to input distance and readout as well.. not sure if I can get a keypad to key in numbers and LCD and joystick control set up but would like to key in to run say for instance 5.000 inches and push button and it runs 5.000 inches and optiojnally have a joystick(s) to control feeds.

The intended result is to have a power feed for a 3 axis router to square up wood and make simple wooden patterns on the router. Later I will add CAD/CAM to control the TB6560 for complex items.

I would like to find sample sketches to work with as I am new to programming Arduino. I do think it can be done...

Regards Bradley

I found your post after Google'ing "Arduino TB6560". I have an Arduino clone and a Sherline mill. I'm considering marrying the Arduino to the mill with the TB6560. I'm also considering the EasyDriver, but stepper controllers with parallel interfaces and whatnot seem to be pretty common and fairly cheap. The TB6560 has some nice extras like heat sink, fan, and spindle relay.

I understand the EasyDriver and many other drivers take 2 pins per axis to control the direction and signal when to step. It appears to me that either the 15 pin interface or the 25 pin interface could be used to do this. So I would think any of the basic sketches that flip 2 pins to control a stepper could be used with an Arduino and TB6560. I don't have any expertise in this so I can't be blamed if something blows up! It sounds like I'm trying to learn the same thing you are.

I don't have the TB6560 and it will be a while before I can put the whole recipe together for what I need, but I'd be interested in hearing from you the results of any experimentation you do.