TBP Pressure Sensor Library

Hello we are currently working on a pressure measurement project, and we wanted to use this sensor with our Arduino Uno: Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors TBPDANN150PGUCV.
It's a Honeywell pressure Sensor from the TBP series and we need a library to control it. We only found the SSC.h library which isn't working with our Sensor. (we think it's because that library is only for sensors with a digital output).
If anybody have an idea, whether there is an already existing library, or how to rewrite the SSC library, we would be very thankful! :wink:

That sensor's output is an analog voltage, you don't need a library, just read it with the Arduino's analog input, however, according to the datasheet, the output is only 0.915 mV/V so, with a 5V supply and reference voltage, the ADC count for 150 PSI will only be about 9 or 10, you will need an OpAmp amplifier with a voltage gain of at least 50 to get sensible readings.

EDIT: Or a separate, amplified ADC converter.

@756E6C it's 9mv/V not 0.9 but that's ust a typo since your conclusion of an adc count of 10 is correct.

The way I read the datasheet, you could give the sensor 10V not 5V (12V max) which would give you about 100mV at full pressure. If you then used the internal 1.1V analog reference, that would give you 100 adc counts at 150psi.

(Doubling the sensor voltage gives you 2x better result, and using a reference 1 not 5 makes it 5x as good, so 10x better overall, 100 count at full pressure not 10.)

Would that be enough?

But whatever way you do it, no library required, just arithmetic.

Tnx for the heads up, I've gotten so shaky I gave up on a mouse and struggling with a trackball so I'm concentrating more on tracking than typing. >:(
If I was me I would go with an OpAmp, since I have a few dozen on hand.

Thank you all for your fast and helpful responses! We hope that we now know enough :wink: