I’m struggling with setup issues.

I’ve been reading This really great Atmel Timer Counter App Note and would like to install the antodom tc_lib
and I’m getting hung up.

I’ve seen many people in this Due Forum recommend tc_lib and tc_PWM. Shouldn’t I just be able to search for this in manage library and be able to add it to the library? I’m not able to find it there.

I’ve found useful examples for using tc_find_mck_divisor() within the library but I don’t have the right library. I know that the github link above is what I really want but is there a way to force that Github page to be in the Arduino Library?

I know this is all very eye rollingly easy once you’ve done it a few times but I’ve been following a trail of breadcrumbs of single line replies on other forums where someone says something like “yeah man just use lib_tc and/or lib_pwm” and here I am like “Alright I’d love to. How do I add it the right way?”

EDIT: I downloaded and included the antodom library and a function that I’m going to get the most milage out of “tc_find_mck_divisor()” must be in another library.

Hi there @criticalpoint,

Just download tc_lib in your arduino libraries' folder and that's all. The library comes with several examples you can tinker with, and I hope they are self-explanatory enough.

As to this function, tc_find_mck_divisor(), it does not belongs to tc_lib.


Thanks for the AN. I'm really keen why this AN is not listed on the product page ATSAM3X8E - 32-bit SAM Microcontrollers