TCA9548 and SSD1306 OLED displays


I would like to know if it’s possible to drive multiple OLED SSD1306 displays independently, using TCA9548 I2c multiplexer ?

If it’s feasible, how can I do that ?

Thank’s per advance (and sorry for my english).


No practical experience there, so I could give you the wrong info.

Why not use the much faster SPI interface.
And select the displays with the chip select pin.
I think the CS pin can also be used with I2C.
No muxer needed.

Thank's for your quick answer. I don't have any experience with the SPI bus, and I already have at my disposal 5 SSD1306 OLED i2C displays, with the TCA9548 multiplexer. So, I would like to try with it...

Thank's again


The displays I Googled could be changed to SPI with jumpers (0 ohm resistors).
Educated guess, but SPI (4Mhz) could be 40x faster than standard I2C (100kHz).
Worth investigating if you use five displays.

CS of the displays can be connected to digital output pins.

Thanks for your reply. You're probably right, I think I will turn my choice to SPI devices...