TCD1201D reading problem

Hi guys,
I wrote my issue to wrong section so I hope this is right one. I received TCD1201D linear CCD sensor, which was mentioned here couple years ago: I followed each step but I was unable to use processing and check if everything works fine.

Could you please help me with processing data from board and how to work with them?
I’m using Arduino Mega for bigger SRAM for buffer.

Thank you for any suggestions.


So the problem is in getting data. I changed code little bit to find what's going on and there's problem with receiving -1. Can you tell me where's problem?

Well it seems nobody wants or can answer to this topic, but at least I've got some results from processing, but I measure just one max 6 range values. I tried to cover sensor, didn't helped too much. |500x333

please can you give me any suggestions? :)