TCP/IP Networkable Voltmeter

Looking to find out what has been done before in terms of a TCP/IP Networkable Voltmeter, which will take a range of 10-50v DC and allow me a live view across a local network? 2 channels would be ideal.

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What voltage are you measuring and with respect to what? What network? What has TCP/IP to do with it?

Please give an example.

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You could build something that would perform the functionality with a Arduino and an Ethernet shield, but its not a trivial project and its unlikley that anyone would have already done this .

Hi, Do you want to REMOTELY monitor two DC power sources?

If the sensor is on the same network as your display, look up BLYNK.

If not on the same network, look up mydevices cayenne as a display platform.

Check the ESP32 controller.

Can you tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

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Another option could be to buy an Arduino UNO and Ethernet shield . Examples in the shield library with that would get you started .

Use the internal Arduino voltage reference and scale your input voltage to give 30v with a resistor divider to an analog input on the UNO. There are analog input examples in the IDE. You can then add other channels to other analog ports .

There are other ways to do this ; but for the begineer this is an easy route

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