TCP IP School project

Hello to everyone! :) I am currently working on a model of a "Smart House" (Just for scholar project). I am actually using Untrasonic sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor and infrared sensor. The problem is that I must incluse something about TCP IP, and since I am working with Arduino and I am receiving the information from the board to my PC via serial communication (USB) I would like to trasmit the received serial information to an Wifi network so that the android tablets/phones can see the information of the house. In the same way, I want to know if Android tablets/phones can transfer the information via wifi and Arduino board can receive it as serial communication from the PC (for example to turn off the sensors). Do you know if it is possible? if so... can you help me guys? or send me a tutorial please :c

Thank you all!

PD: I do not have extra money to buy an wifi/ethernet shield :(

If you do not have money for network shield adding TCP/IP is an theoretical exercise. You could add code for a small webserver that shows the state of the sensors (optional with some history) but disable it.

You might could put the apache web server on the pc and make some CGI software to inteface between the pc serial port and apache.