TCP server for SIM7600E

I am working on SIM7600E GSM module. I want to connect with Telematic server(tls://

But, Mqtt connect requires TCP server.

How we will find the TCP server for this particular module ?.


How this TCP server is useful to my telematic server.


Not sure I get the question…

Which module do you have?

There are many AT commands to set things up for TCP / UDP

So which module is most recommended for IoT vehicle telematics? Can you please assist?

A mobile device with modem won’t be much use as a server, because it’s IP address won’t be known to the clients, and if it was, most mobile networks won’t let you NAT to the modem anyway.

The way to do it, if necessary is the mobile and ‘client’ are both clients of a central ‘cloud’ server., or the server is run on your device and the mobile connects to that.

You have to write any mobile code for the application you are planning.