TCP & UDP controls in new MakerPlot release - WiFi and Ethernet Shield Examples

Version 1.6.0 of MakerPlot is available at

The highlights of this version are:

•Internet connectivity using drag-n-drop controls for TCP Client, TCP Server and UDP peer. It can be as simple as dropping a control onto an existing interface, configure it on-screen and it's ready to connect!

•Updated guide with a 30 page section on TCP/IP essentials, discussions and examples using the Arduino.

•Example code for TCP server, TCP client and UDP peer for simple plotting and interactive control for the Arduino WiFi and Ethernet Shields (12 sketches total!)

•2 new interfaces - one for testing, education and fun to create a variety of connections and fuctions between 2 MakerPlot instances - learn TCP/IP connection basics and MakerPlot instructions as desired.

•MakerPlot can do its 4 serial connections, and multiple Internet connections concurrently!

•New Timer control allows multiple timers with easy configuration and one-shot or repeat modes.

Updates are listed at: MakerPlot Distribution Notes

After the release shakedown we anticipate license cost increases in early November - current licenses will carry over.

Happy interfacing!

The MakerPlot Gang

I am looking to use an Arduino to measure weights and temperatures and then use that data drive relays, pumps and heating elements. I'd like to control that from makerPlot with an option for some level of automation such as turning off a heating element when a set point is reached.

My question is can I run makerPlot (and the Arduino) remotely from a tablet across the internet. Looking to do something similar to the BCS-460 by Embedded Control Concepts which can be run through a web page from any web connected device.

Thanks! I love what I see makerPlot can do and any insight would prove useful to my project.