TCRT5000 IR Proximity Sensor trough glass

Hi enthusiasts,

I want to use TCRT5000 as a button behind a piece of (acrylic)glass.
will it work trough glass?

It will probably tell you, how far the sensor is from the glass.

I'm planning to use it as a no-touch button.
I need to make a small interface from a Lcd 4x20 with 4 menu buttons. putting them all behind a piece of glass makes it durt-proof.

You will have to see. Glass is not transparent to IR but then you have acrylic which can be depending on the type however it usually is.

... Glass is not transparent to IR ...

i hoped it was, my tv remote works trough glass :roll_eyes:
i have all the components i'll try it out

Glass is not transparent to IR

The remote IR is very close to visible so it is not cut down so much but IR used for thermal imaging is totally blocked my glass. That is the true "greenhouse effect".

I tried, I succeeded

Well done. Nice video.