TCS230 Library


I am newbie in Arduino,

I want make color identifier with TCS230. ? was download in library .when I was load to Arduino Uno in serial Monitor all line write

RGB:255,255,255 for all colour.
Anyone read correct RGB values like this project also I don’t know Sensor’s pin to Arduino Pin numbers in this project

UPDATE :? was read in zip file pdf documents and not have any pin connections details …

I am waiting your help

welcome to Arduino land

did you search the forum already for clues? like -,118967.0.html -

Thank You @robtilaart

Thanks for link too,

I understand for Correct connection of TCS230

Sensor -> Arduino UNO

pin OUT -> pin 2 pin S2 -> pin 3 pin S3 -> pin 4

But I don't understand sensor's other side pin connections ( OE,S1,S0) Also sensor's leds not on while connect VCC and GND (5 volt) is that normal ?

I think S0 and S1 for frequency range choise (%2,%50 and %100) and OE to GND or am I wrong?

Hi Serhat,

please find hereby my last topic:

marco_c have already discussed about connections and settings.

Hope this will help.

Thanks for link

I am new in Arduino but I know Proton basic so I must make that project I have not so much time

Anyway I had correct worked for 3 color .so sensor have not any hardware problem if I know RGB algoritms I can write all codes

have not any person say to me :

"Use in here link program ....and all 8 pin's connections is that

Finally Read correct RGB values

have a choise in arduino IDE software which last loaded file load I mean I want learn which file loaded ,when I open IDE it must be automatic load source codes too Have any choise for this in menus?