TCS230 - only two of fours leds seem to work


I recently bought a TCS230 color sensor. The sensor has 4 leds, but if I connect them to the Arduino only two light up. I first thought that I may have a bad sensor, but I bought another one and I have the same problem.

a) Is there something I need to configure so that all four leds work?
b) How do I find out if the sensors are broken?

Hi @martisaw.

Within my knowledge base, the 4 LEDs are wired in parallel.
If any one does not light it is because it is defective.
See the module schematic below.

RV mineirin

Without a schematic of your circuit I can only take a SWAG. Since this happened on two seperate units it is highly unlikely they both are bad but it is possible. It sounds like low voltage to the LEDs. Check the VCC to ground voltage at the module terminals, also check the Led_Con voltage. VCC needs to be at the logic level voltage of your microprocessor. The TCS230 operates on a supply voltage of 2.7 to 5.5 volts and provides TTL logic-level outputs. To help us help you better include a schematic of how you wired it including all power and ground connections and poser supplies.

Hi @gilshultz
That's my setup (For the showcase I only connected vcc to 3.3V and gnd to gnd). In my understanding all leds should light up:

My vision is poor, I cannot see that far. Interesting picture, but it does not show much, too much unrelated stuff. Post the schematic showing how you wired it. looking at your picture it appears it is not wired correctly, I cannot see through the board with the LEDs. What voltages did you get? You could also post a link to the module showing technical information. From what you are presenting it will not work, it needs 5V so the logic is compatible with the micro.