TCS320 dont distort analyse


J'utilise un détecteur et analyser de couleur nommé TCS230. Je l'utilise pour analyser la couleur d'un liquide, cependant je voulais savoir si il faut mettre le liquide dans un réservoir blanc ou noir de façon a ne pas fausser l'analyse et a la rendre meilleur :confused: ?

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I use a detector and analyzed TCS230 color named. I use it to analyze the color of a liquid, however, I would like to know if you have to put the liquid in a white or black tank so as not to distort the analysis and make it better :confused: ?

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usually theese ar made inside i lightproof box (matte black) , with a known lightsource at one end and the sensor in the other. Liquid sample is placed in a clear container in the middle.

(I may work to replace the backplane with a mirror or a white surface and move the lightsource to same side as senor element)

ok but on my sensor color the lights are on the captor itelf, so what i must to do ? add in front of the captor other LED or just take the liquide on the black box just in front of the sensor color ?


make it look like this one Mount it in front facing into a chamber with black walls, but reflective white(mirror) back. Then light has to pass your sample two times before reaching the sensor element.

Any ambient light must be kept away, as it will distort your readings.

I want to know how use this model of sensor color -->

I have built a tank with 4 faces. One of this face is plexiglas, the sensor color is in front of this face of plexiglas. The liquide is on the tank and the sensor color analyze the color through the face of plexiglas.

I would like to know what must be the color of the 3 other faces (black ou white ?) and if I must to isolate the leds who are on the color sensor.

Please look the model on the link.

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Build in so you can be sure that ALL light the reaches the sensor comes from your controlled source (the 4 LEDs) Put a small, black, paper cylinder around the sensor element to prohibit direct light from the LEDs

ok I will put a small black paper around the led exepted on the top but if I understand good the color of the tank must be black ?

… make it so the light has to pass trough the liquid. Take another look at the link in #3, which shows the masking of the sensor