TCS3200 color sensor


I am using the tcs3200 color sensor with the arduino. I am using pulsein() function to read the pulse from pin 10, this is the code pulseIn(10, LOW, 40000000). When I read the pulse for blue object I get a pulse that lasts 10ms from the blue filter. But I also get a pulse from the green filter and red filter that are greater than 0. I was wondering why there is a pulse for green and red? Shouldn't the pulse for green and red be 0, because there is no red or green light? The same thing happens when I put a red or green object in front of the sensor, I get a pulse on all the filters that are greater than 0.

I am not sure if I understood the sensor correctly and I would appreciate any help.


The sensor will read what it sees, so a lot depends on how you have configured the hardware and how close/far the sensor is to the color you are measuring. Ideally you have shrouded your sensor with black surrounds and calibrated the sensor to eliminate the noise that you would get with your setup (see TCS230/TCS3200 Sensor Calibration – Arduino++) and the references there.