TCS3200 Output

I was wondering if any one could explain the output from TCS3200. I am using pulsin() to read the pulse from the out pin. Pulsin() is giving me a wide range of numbers. For example I place a red object in front of the sensor and pulsin() returns numbers between 15-30 for the red filter, numbers between 5000-25000 for green filter, and numbers between 590000-23000000 for the blue filters. How can I use that outuput to figure out there is a red object in front of the sensors (color is red). I would appreciate if anyone could shed some light on this.

Looks like if the output is greater than 15 and less than 30 it's red. I might give it a little wider range depending on how many shades of red you want to call red. You just need to get the reading and use an if statement.