TDC7200 with Arduino Mega


in our school we have to construct a device with that asthmatic people can measure their volumetric flow. For now we can send and receive a signal with our ultrasonic sensors (A-14P20) and in the next step we try to measure the TOF. For this measurment we use a TDC7200-Shield and the Arduino Mega, but our problem is that we are not the best Arduino-Programmer. So my question is, if someone has a similar program or can someone help us.

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Is it this: Products – TAPR ?

Have you seen this:
The TICC software is open source and available from The repository also includes documentation, data sheets, and other information on some of the hardware components.


@TonyWilk, no we have designd our own shield, with the TDC7200, a crystal oscillator (10MHz) and the necessary wiring of the TDC7200. I know the code from but this program works only with the TICC Timestamping/Time Interval Counter.