TE215 soil moisture sensor.

I recently bought a set of TE215 sensors that measure soil humidity/moisture. It comes with the sensor it self and a module. My question is what is the module for? And what is that potentiometer (adjustment screw) for that is on the module?

Google is your friend and will quickly answer your questions.



Wild guess: the module is some electronics to turn the raw signal into something understandable and or meaningful. Screw’s probably some calibration or sensitivity setting.

Why don’t you check the maker’s docs?

I attempted to check the makers documents but they are written in what I am pretty sure is mandarin. And yes I know google is my friend, obviously coming her is a last resort as it is slow and combursom. Any help is good

A large variety of sensors come with this exact board. Some have a thermistor mounted, others have a microphone or photo diode.

The chip is usually a comparator, with a trimpot for the threshold. The trimpot sets the point where the moisture value changes the digital output of the board high/low. The Arduino can read this as "too wet" or "too dry".

Some of these boards also have an analogue output (straight from the sensor). That can be read with an analogue input.

Don't expect accurate/consistent results from these cheap resistive sensors. And don't expect them to last when permanently used in soil. Leo..

Paul_KD7HB: Google is your friend and will quickly answer your questions.



Answers like this are not helpful, at least provide a link or so.

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