Teaching Intertechno ITR-1500 with Arduino?

Hi guys,

I recently got some Intertechno ITR-1500 remote control (433 MHz) sockets that I want to control using an Arduino (with a basic 433 MHz module) to shut off my 3D printer when a smoke alarm goes off. The smoke alarm detection part I already got to work, I also got some older Intertechno remote control sockets (that I don’t want to use - too few different codes → the neighbour might turn off my printer…the ITR-1500s have 67 million combinations…–> quite unlikely) to work with my hardware using the RC-Switch library.

Now, I wanted to use the ITR-1500 socket…
I tried to enter the learn function (see: Intertechno Code Berechnung – FHEMWiki
for a German How To on this - you need a 32 bit code consisting of 26 bits of “socket specific” code, 2 bits for the selected action like on/off/all on/all off and 4 bits of button group (in normal use: group of on/off buttons on the remote control).
Sending an “on”-signal in the first 5 s after powering the remote control outlet results in the codes sent being teached.

So I tried running this on an Arduino Pro Mini with a basic 433 MHz module:

#include <RCSwitch.h>
RCSwitch mySwitch = RCSwitch();

void setup() {
  mySwitch.setProtocol(3, 250);//Use Protocol V3 with 
  mySwitch.enableTransmit(A0); //this was a soldering error, did work before with another socket on the pin

void loop() {
  mySwitch.send(0b01010010101011101000000110010011, 32);last 6 bits: "01" for on, "0011" for button group 4

I used Protocol V3 and 250 µs pulse length (FHEM Wiki and this thread: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=210510.0 recommend that).

When running this code in the five seconds the outlet starts up (LED blinking), I could not notice anything when running the send command with an “off” signal afterwards, so the teaching probably went wrong.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

If anyone finds this and has the same problem:
This library (NewRemoteSwitch/433mhzforarduino) fixed it for me.
I was right away able to receive and sent with this library, so it was only a software problem.
It seems that the 32 bit codes are not really supported by RC-Switch, but they are when using this other library.