tear apart roomba or reprogram it?

hey all I need some advice. I have a Roomba discovery an old one so the battery isnt that good anymore but it still works. my question is, would it be worth while to tear it apart and use the motors and such or just reprogram it? i want to make a basic roaming bot with lights and such. I have a little idea but i would like to know what would be more worth it to do? any ideas?

Definitely changing the batteries and re-purposing it.
There are lots of roomba-based project out there for you to follow.

deal thank you for the words of advice.

If your roomba is new enough to have the RS232 interface [DIN
connector under a plastic cap on the top left side of the machine],
then you cap tap into that and use the roomba API to directly
control the machine. Saves a huge amount of teardown and

You can then use the Arduino to do all the actual robotics stuff, and
call the API to read roomba sensors and encoders, and control the

There is a book called "Hacking Roomba", but it's currently selling for
mucho dinero. However, the associated website has a lot of info online.


Yeah - i would do the same. The roomba is already a complete package - so you might as well get some new batteries and then use your arduino to control it.

I haven't spent much time opening up the roomba, but I would assume that if you pulled it all apart, you'de just have to spend more time building or purchasing amplification electronics for the motors, and other stuff that you wouldn't have to worry about.

If you are looking for a really good & simple introductory how-to writeup to look at about programming the roomba, I'd recomend checking this out:

Additionally there are some other resources up there you might be able to use. Hope this helps, and if you have any specific questions - ask back and I'll try to help you out as much as I can.