teardown of switch commutateur interruptor

The device in the subject line is a failed (or failing) steering column assembly that controls turn signals, cruise control, windshield wipers (& washer), high/low beam, and emergency flashers. It has two cable connectors with a total of 29 pin outs. ACDelco # D6280C or GM # 88963625 (made in Mexico).

I want to test out the pins and determine what type of Arduino programming is necessary to respond to this device. I have searched for wiring diagrams but have not found them (apparently, one must be a registered or licensed tradesman/mechanic to access such material).

Has anybody done this with other oddball devices? How did you acquire wiring diagrams or pinouts? I don't even know the voltage (probably 12 volts) or which wires are VCC and GND.

Do you know what make/model/year vehicle it belongs to? You might be able to find the information in a Chilton's or Haynes book for the vehicle (then again, you might not - but it's worth checking). You might just have to do a further tear-down and re-assembly, documenting everything along the way...

I know the make, model and year of the car. However, the component is used in 25 different cars covering 6-7 years (1999 to 2005, depending on the overlap between model years and year of production). The ACDelco # and the GM # are more meaningful at this point.

I did search the web for auto repair manuals but all of them cost money (purchase of a physical or electronic copy, or one year subscription to a repair manual service). For the sites that indicate they will provide free repair manuals, it generally boils down to search, search, search, curse, curse, curse, then repeat. Nobody has posted any specific material for this component or even any discussion about problems with this component. Its all a big secret, I guess.

Wiring diagram pinouts would be nice but not necessary.