..technical details about stepper motor..

..hello guys..i hope you all doing very well..i would appreciate a lot if you could point me in to right direction, regarding data about this particular stepper i have to use, for one of my projects..its clear that angle step is 1.8 and amps 3.2, so its fine, but i was unable to find any further details about this stepper, on internet (i have used stepper model number printed on its body 86HS9045-65)..any info??


If you put spaces in the number, you'll find some results but no exact matches.
So Googling for 86 HS 9045 will match with 86HS series from Leadshine Technologies.

Are these motors perhaps used parts ?
They may be custom made motors based on the 86HS series.
Finding all relevant data will be hard in that case, the manufacturer will have signed some non disclosure agreement.

If you know the angle per step and the current required you have most of what your need. The other principal info is how many wires does it have. 4 wires suggests a bipolar motor and 6 wires usually means it can be controlled with 4 wires by ignoring the wires connected to the centres of the coils. 5 wires usually means a unipolar motor which is more complicated, and unlikely in your case I suspect.

Whatever is the wiring arrangement you need a suitable stepper driver. Unfortunately the economic bipolar motor drivers that are often used with an Arduino (such as the Pololu A4988) can't handle 3.2 amps and you will need a more expensive driver - Leadshine and Gecko are some of the brand names. Those drivers can also be controlled by an Arduino.

Stepper Motor Basics