Technical drawing package

I know this is the wrong forum, but I bet some people here are knowledgable....

I should like to produce simple mechanical drawings using a modern easy-to-use free package for designing eg front panels etc. 3D capabiltity not required ( yet).

I was quite good at technical drawing at school, but the tools then were set squares, compasses etc...

Any recommendations?



When you have the drawing made what do you want to do with it? Just print it?

I use Open Office Draw for my 2-D drawing. It can produce files that can be used by my Portrait cutting machine.

For 3-D models I use OpenScad which also can do 2-D drawings - though I have not used it for that. I like OpenScad because you create the objects in much the same way that you write a computer program so I found the learning curve easier.


Sketchup is free but only has lines and polygons. No true circles or solid objects. I believe the 3d printing folks use Fusion360.

FrerCad is one posibilty.

I recently tried out a few of the popular free open source 2D CAD programs but in the end I found I much preferred using Inkscape. I am a bit biased since I'm already familiar with Inkscape, but I really did not enjoy the UI of any of the alternatives I tried.

Continue on the path feeling good. If You hit "end of the road" then reconsider.

I like Sketchup.

I use eagleā€¦

Sketchup fan here.

The DXF function can be occasionally IFFY when putting into REAL cad packages and the JPG export can also be a little awkward if you dont have the on screen positioned correctly.

Other than that have used it to send items for real CAD manufacture.