Technique to bind regular boards to fabric.


I have several little boards (Arduino Pro Mini, FTDI, breakout boards for sensors, etc) I want to bind to a glove. The boards do not need to be hidden. I just want them to be bond correctly to the glove. I can't sew so I'd like to find an alternative. For some circuits with a flat bottom I have used Velcro but it doesn't work with circuits having components on the bottom. Also I'd be happy to find a solution where boards could be easily removed from the glove if it's possible.

Any suggestion ?

Thank you in advance.

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Make small pockets!

Just joined and interested in this subject. Do you need functionality in the gloves, such as leds? If not put a small pocket in the glove and bluetooth to the arduino in the jacket. I did this with some iPod controls.

Bonding them in is a possibility. Attach some fabric to the board along the edges, or encase the board in a fabric envelope and then bond it in with a hot melt adhesive film (not a glue gun type adhesive) or seam sealing tape for coated fabrics. This will give a permanent, but flexible joint.

My latest option was to put the PCB on a small platform modelled with dryable putty ("Patarev"). The putty allows to fit the curve of the hand perfectly. Some putty on the edges can be used to "trap" the board. When the putty has dryed out, I glue some velcro on the back of the platform.

The glove is completely covered with velcro so I can adjust the placement of the platform. The putty is very light and can be easily cut or sanded when dry. It can even be recycled if you mix it with some water and let it in a box during a few days.

Pictures please? Sounds interesting =)


Here are the pictures.

Not shown : the LiPo battery, on which I have also glued Velcro to attach it to the glove too.

Note that Patarev is very easy to find in France (it's a french brand). The Velcro is glued to the holder with cyanolite but maybe epoxy could be an alternative. I can't remember how the Velcro was glued to the glove. It must have been either hot glue or cyanolite (be careful not to glue the glove's top and bottom).

One can see a rainbow-colored flat cable. It connects the main PCB to a accelerometer attached to a finger using the same Patarev+Velcro system.

(If you want to ask questions in french send me a PM)

The PCB holder on the glove

PCB holder alone

Holder and glove apart showing the Velcro

Nah english will do just fine thanks =) (I'm not fluent but I can manage). For some reason when I see your pictures I can only think of cutting the PCB into several tiles (4?) and then connect them to each other using solid core jumper wires, glue velcro to the back of each tile and voilĂ , a "hand-shielding" PCB o_o - that way the PCB would fit the curve of your hand perfectly and be more lightweight :slight_smile:

This just makes me wonder: what are you trying to build? :3 - Looks like a remote but a remote for what? :3

Cutting the circuit into tiles might help to fit the hand better but it would make it more fragile probably.

Indeed the circuit is a kind of remote for musical purposes. The primary function is to track the hand position in 3D using a Wii remote (with an inverted situation compared to the usual Wii tracking: the remote is static while the IR LEDs are on the hand). Then there are additional sensors. It's an evolving project.