Techniques for jumper wires / header connections?

First, apologies because I can't find the "search" function for the forum. The top-of-page search gives me Google.

Any tricks or techniques for connecting/connectors on standard 0.1 header pins? I'm using multiple OctoBrites (from Macetech) that can have the 4 "center" pins paralleled, but I need pin0 of Octobrite0 to go to pin5 of Octobrite1, etc. I can of course find a plethora of 6, 4, and 2 position sockets, but how do you like to deal with single-wire connections to/from header pins, assuming I don't want to hard-wire the connections (still prototyping)? If you can't tell-- I'm a newbie!


Thanks, Richard. Pilot error on the search function, then (sheepish me).

I'm moving past the breadboard stage, but not building a "final" version of the project. Your suggestion is pretty much what I've come up with so far: just use one side of a 2-position connector. That might be the easiest in the long run.
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The top-of-page search gives me Google.

It's supposed to: a lot of sites use google for their site search. This one is just more obvious about it than most.

Something like this might be what you need.

You can buy single-pin jumpers - male to male, male to female, and female to female.

For instance, something like this on Ebay:

Although those are only male-to-male; if you look around, though, you can find the other versions being sold...