Teensy 3.2 not receiving RX data pin 0

I wrote a sketch to receive serial data, parse it and send then send control signals to a stepper.

The data is 12 pairs of numbers, steps and delay, comma separated and each group enclosed in “<>”.
It receive

It worked perfect on the Uno.

With the teensy I had to apply 3.3 volts to bottom 3.3V pin by the button to get it to work

When I enter data from the keyboard it works fine and operates properly.

It is not showing the received RX data on the serial monitor nor sending any signals to the setepper when data is sent to RX TX pins

What am I doing wrong?

I noticed on the Serial example for the Teensy that #define HWSERIAL Serial1 was used. I thought this was to create a virtual port.

Does the teensy default to serial port 1 like the UNO?

Do I need to enable TX RX pins 0,1 to receive data?

Attached is the code. Again, it works perfect on an arduino UNO

Why did I have to apply 3.3 v to the bottom 3.3V pin when I have 3.6 volts to Vin?

Thank you in advance

Teensy_Rcv_Move.ino (3.81 KB)

On the Arduino UNO the Serial object controls the hardware serial interface (UART) of the ATmega328p processor. The same interface is used for the serial console, so if you connect the UNO to the PC by USB you use the same interface as you use if you connect another serial device to pins 0 and 1.

On the Teensy the USB interface (serial console) is handled internally (comparable to a Arduino Leonardo), so Serial is used just for that (virtual) serial interface. If you connect a serial device to pins 0 and 1 you have to use the Serial1 object to access that device.