Teensy security

When you download Teensy app it opens a box to allow keystroke monitoring.... something like that..
What is that for??? And where in the GUI is the menu for selecting that or declining it..??? Doesn't sound like a good idea...

WHAT teensy app? Teensy is not an Arduino product, if you have a security concern, perhaps asking on their site may be better?

What makes you think its a keystroke monitor?

dissing teensy is like Amazon dissing UPS...

dissing teensy is like Amazon dissing UPS...

Who is 'dissing' whom?
I ask a question, then advise you that teensy wrote the software you are looking for information on - not Arduno, then ask you to confirm how you came to the conclusion you have a keylogger installed with the app.

Forgetting about the fact that this is not an Arduino product, can you answer the 2 questions asked please.

We do want to get you up and running. :slight_smile:


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