Teensy SPI/ Arduino SPI Sparkfun OLED

Sparkfun have a new product out... looks fun..

SparkFun TeensyView LCD-14048... $15.

128x32 monochrome OLED display, controlled with the popular SSD1306 IC

Small board provided which sits above a Teensy and below the c. 22mm x 8mm OLED.

Interface: "Simple" SPI, but, and I'm merely quoting something I don't understand...

The library uses the Teensy style SPI settings though, so it would have to be reworded (see hardware.cpp in the library).

(There's more in a discussion off of a "can we use it with Arduino?" question in the comments on the product's page.)

Anyone up for a bash at the "re-wording"? Suggest you put a note in the steam of comments, lest two people are both inventing the same wheel at the same time.