Teensy substitute

Basically, i want a Teensy but the only issue with that is that i would have to get it from the USA (since i live in the UK) as i haven't found any UK distributers. Are there any easy to get substitutes for the teensy? I basically just want it for its HID capabilities.

If you want something you can make yourself look at the The "CUIduino" - an Arduino in the prototyping area of a CUI, http://www.create.ucsb.edu/~dano/CUI/#CUIv1/

If you want USB host development look at:- http://uk.farnell.com/ftdi/veval/kit-evaluation-vinculum-host-usb/dp/1615837

and http://uk.farnell.com/ftdi/vdip1/development-module-for-vnc1l/dp/1329313

Have a look at AT90USBKEY which is available in the UK

It uses a part related to the USB chip on the Teensy, though it is much bigger. It has a few interesting extra's on which aren't on a Teensy.

[edit]LUFA, the teensy software, runs on the AT90USBKEY, and there was a recent Elektor talking about it and LUFA.[/edit]


If you really want the Teensy, the good news is air mail shipping from the US to UK is only about $7.

Often for tiny packages (like only 1 Teensy) the value is so low they don't bother try to collect any extra tax/tarrif/fee.

There is no tax/tariff/fee for importing an item valued at less than £18 (that’s 18 GBP) from outside the EEC into the UK by mail, so a parcel declared as under $26 is (at current exchange rates) fine! So the Teensy is perfect.

There is no duty for importing electronic components, valued at less than £100+x (sorry can’t find the regulation for x, but it’s less than £50 from memory) from outside the EEC into the UK by mail, so a parcel of electronic components over £18, and under £100+x will only attract VAT.

As soon as a parcel from outside the EEC comes through the Post Office, and is declared as a value over £18, the Post Office will charge a fee of £8 to collect the tax and duty on behalf of the ‘tax man’.

Every parcel I’ve received for several years now, valued at $30 or more has been charged £8 + 17.5% VAT on the value declared on the parcel.

So I’d end up paying £20 for the parcel and postage + £3.50 VAT + £8 for the post office fee for collecting the £3.50 VAT and giving it to the ‘tax man’.

I always try to explain this to foreign companies before placing an order.


Just to make it doubly unfair VAT is chargeable on the VAT handling fee. So you are paying tax on the fee to collect tax. :o