Teensy V3 ??

i am interested in this product

it is small has multiple serial ports and looks very neat

however is it arduino compatible ?

can i use the arduino gui to program it ?

It is a very neat product, and yes, it is Arduino compatible.

Paul Stoffregen (the engineer behind the design) has developed an extended version of the Arduino IDE ("teensyduino") that works with the Teensies, and also works with the standard Arduinos. You download it from the pjrc.com site.

He's made many improvements over the standard Arduino libraries and IDE codebase, in fact, and many of these have (slowly) been adopted into the main Arduino distributions.

Great product all around, great bang for buck, highly recommended.


I agree with everything pico says and second it.

I’ll add that having 4x the Flash (128K) and 8x the RAM (16K) solves a lot of problems. Every pin supports interrupts, add a simple crystal and battery and get a real time clock, tons of GPIO pins, all in a form factor smaller than a Nano.

The only downsides I can think of are 1) It’s 3.3V only and 2) the underlying MCU is ARM and not AVR, so any libraries that do weird low-level things (for example access the hardware registers to manipulate PWM timing) will have to be ported.

Another advantage of leaving the AVR behind and switching to ARM or PIC32, is that the memory
address space is a "normal" flat/single address space which is what C/C++ expects
so no more having to deal with the proprietary AVR progmem declarations, indirect address tables
and access routines to access your const data.
Simply declare it as const and it all works as C/C++ intended.

--- bill