telecontroll for robot

Hey everybody!
I want to controll my robot. But I´m not sure what I should use. I tried to use the Xbee, but I wasn´t able to understand it very well. I also tried to use the IR of the robot, but it didn´t worked. Could you suggest me any other stuff? Or how could I make run one of the named ideas?

Please help me!
Thank you!

Which robot are you using? Please either post a link or pictures, or both.

My robot:
Mini DFRobotShop Rover Kit (Arduino Uno):
-it has an IR Receiver (do you know a tutorial for IR Receiver)
-XBee Headers (But I wasn´t able to find any websites descriping Xbee)


Thank you for help!

XBees are radios which can either be extremely complex or simple. You need a pair of them. They need 3.3V power and data. You also need a transmitting Arduino with an adapter of some sort. An IR reciever would be a lot easier. Is there an Arduino library for the robot kit?