Telemetry for kart, or just a stopwatch!

hello, I’m new to the forum and to the Arduino world.
I started this path on the way to create a very basic Telemetry for my kart.
in the beginning I only want this to keep track of my time in the track.
The finish line in every track is magnetized, and I saw that a lot of “home made” telemetry system, and very expensive systems too, use a Reed Switch to locate the line and stop the stopwatch.
I saw few projects in this forum, but none of them is completed, non of them explains exactly what to do and how to do it; all this 3ads are old and I can’t revive them.
Is there anybody between you who already did something like this?

If the finish line is sufficiently magnetized then look for arduino magnet sensor tutorial (or Hall Effect Sensor). You should find tons of examples you can apply

thanks for the quick reply.
saldi I read that a lot of people had problems with Hall Sensor cos they were not sensible enough…I read that almost everybody uses Reed Switches

Weird a reed switch usually requires a higher magnetic field as you need to physically move a thin piece of wire.

But if that works, then go for it. It will close a circuit when detection is triggered, so you can handle this like a momentary button (and you can use button libraries to make your coding simpler)

I think that the Reed is preferred too beacuse it doesn’t need to know the polarization of the magnetic strip in the finish line: the owner of the track never knows anything about the strip, he just puts it in the tarmac and that’s all.

Worth giving it a try.

The OneButton library can help you define a function that will be triggered when the relay closes

I would start with a battery , led, resistor and your Reed switches in series and see if it picks up the strip repeatably , then go into doing the same with your Arduino .
You’ll need to look at real time clocks for getting your lap times, taking reading at the start and end of a lap and subtracting

Thanks! That’s a good idea

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