Telemetry Guidance

Hey Guys,

My team mates and I have chosen the telemetry project for our EV kart at our university to send and receive basic info such as motor temp, battery voltage, current, & temperature.

Our grant got us: 3 Arduino Yuns 2 Xbee Wifi transceivers And other stuff like resistors and antenna etc. We also have an hall effect sensor to function as a speedometer.

We just need a lot of guidance and advice on how to proceed with this. Our race is in April

Thanks in advance, look forward to hear from you.

How much of your work would you like us to do for you? Just to be clear...

Thank you for your reply. I mean, just to put it out there…

We’re working on X-CTU’s now to get Xbee’s to connect with each other. We made a simple temperature sensor using the microcontroller and the lm35… That’s where we are right now!

I’m trying to seek help from everywhere. :slight_smile:

Hope to hear from some of you guys!