Telemetry system

Can you please recommend parts for a telemetry system with the following specs?
Transmitter with two, single-ended, analog, 0 to 5 v inputs
+5v power for the sensors
real-time sampling at 100 s/s for each channel, 12 bit minimum
Max transmission distance is 100 m
Carrier freq of 433 or 900+- MHz range
USB receiver

What duty cycle is permitted at those frequencies in your part of the World ?

Which Arduino are you going to be using ?

Thanks for the quick response.

I'm not aware of any duty cycle restrictions.

I was hoping for an Arduino board recommendation.

I'm not aware of any duty cycle restrictions.

Well you need to find out what they are in your part of the World.

The available duty cycle does have a significant affect on the radio and\or frequencies to use.

Or just switch to 2.4Ghz, where pretty much everywhere in the World there are few duty cycle restrictions.

What boards would you recommend for 2.4 GHz?

You could try some NRF24L01 modules for range in your situation. Maybe the PA\LNA modules is the standard ones dont go far enough.

It is important to range test modules in your actual location, a device that goes 100m in one location could go 50-100 times further in another.

Do a Google search on ‘NRF24L01 range test’ for some examples.

It looks like the NRF24L01 does not have +5v to power the sensors.
Any other suggestions?
Thanks for your help.

You would not normally expect the radio device to provide a power supply for the sensors.

What experience do you have with Arduinos and radio devices ?

I tried an Xbee3. It had +5v to power the sensors, but the input range was only 2.5v. I have not tried any Arduinos and was hoping that one of the boards would meet our specs.

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