Telemtry System

Okay, so I have just joined a group project, where we are supposed to collect some data from a racing car (the battery's current) and collect it on the arduino. It is then supposed to be transmit via 3G to a website which can then be seen on a laptop screen. I am using arduino for the first time and i have very little idea as to what to do. I have an arduino Mega 2560 board, and a cooking hack 3G/GPRS board. The current sensor that i have oreder is the hall effect sensor.

Please Help!

you can create a TCP server that sends the data to any client that connect to him.

you need to send the AT Commands to connect to GPRS. Study AT commands for GPRS for the module you procure.

Also arduino comes with the predefined set of library for such interfaces where AT commands can be easily send using simple arduino command set's.

Once you connect to the internet..u will get "connect ok" msg from modem and then u have to sent the string or data to the IP(the website url live IP or destination IP). You need to send data to that Ip and then you will be able to see ur data at that website.