Tellymate Library

The Tellymate library so generously made available on GIT by goldfish (at allows Tellymate ( users to print double-width and double-height characters on video from Arduino, among other things. I couldn't get it to work under Arduino 1.0, but it will work under 0022, if you make a simple change to the library. As is, compiling anything generates an error relating to a function called "putchar". I'm assuming this behaviour means that there is some sort of conflict with a "putchar" function somewhere else in the IDE.

To fix this, open the Tellymate.cpp and Tellymate.h library files. In Tellymate.cpp, on line 184, change the name of the function to "pootchar" (or almost anything other than what it's currently named) and save the file. In Tellymate.h, on line 73, replace "putchar" with "pootchar", and save the file.

If you use the putchar function in a sketch (such as the example sketch) you need to replace "putchar" with "pootchar" before you compile.