telnet newbie / input from the HTML page to EEprom

hey i have a module which run as web client, it sends data to a positronic server. I do however need to change the domain from time to time. I thought to do it with some kind of telnet but how. Or I could get a web server on the module which then drove up when I put a jumper. does anyone have a suggestion!

I have an idea for how I can solve my task. I just do not know whether it can be done. basis I use the arduino as web server. is it possible to write a text in an input box "form box" ? in HTML and then save it in the EEPROM. if so how would you do it

Can you connect the Arduino to a USB port? If so, it would IMO make sense to provide a command line interface over the serial port which lets you view and change the configured values. EEPROM would be a sensible place to store them if you need them to be alterable but persistent.

USB is possible! how? persistent! I believe that I can write to EEPROM 100000 times not? then the kit ise changed, so it's no problem.