A very quick couple of questions about telnet.

How do you use a web address instead of a static ip address? I want to use instaed of a static IP address

How do you automatically login in to the server. I can type the login details each time but I'd rather not


ps I'm very new to telnet so assume I'm as dumb as they come

you mean:


If I connect via putty I set the session out as

host name = port = 8000

Then connect. Session window asks for login details and I'm away

maybe mail those people for an account…

I have an account and password. I'm just not sure how to construct the sketch to input the data once its asked.

I assume the arduino will connect. Then login details will be asked and normally I manually input then. I'd like to do it automtically

That means you need to read the response from the telnet server and when it comes in (you can just hard code 2 seconds) send the username (wait another 2 secs) and send the password?

give it a try

Will do...thanks