Temboo Email- WiFi Shield

I am using an Arduino Mega + WiFi shield for my project. I am sending emails using Temboo from my project but I am having an issue. Whenever a specific passcode is to be entered on a keypad, an email must be sent. However, it sends once and otherwise it gives HTTP_0, email does not send basically. When I reset it, it sends again like the previous time, only once. If I close the serial monitor and open it again, its like reseting it and the email works for once only. Can someone explain this if you have any idea?

Thank you

Can someone explain this if you have any idea?

Sure. There is something wrong with your code. Too bad you didn't actually follow the rules and post your code.

Hi there, I work for Temboo.

It is difficult to say what can be causing the problem without more information. Feel free to contact us at https://temboo.com/support and we'll be happy to help debug the issue. Please include information from your serial monitor along with your sketch.



PLEASE.. do -not- (just) contact Temboo support off the forums.

You posted here for help.. it would be nice if you also kept the solution here for others to benefit from.