Temboo physical outputs

I have ran countless temboo chores to test them and can output the result to the serial monitor but I'm unsure of the next step to physically outputting to a output e.g an LED. At one point I was thinking of making a Twitter notifier that turns an led on when a specific thing happened by I'm unsure how. Would anyone be able to give me any assistance??

Hi there,

You could look into Temboo's conditions feature which will generate code that can change the state of a pin based on the Choreo response. You can find a tutorial about conditions in the link below:

There is also an example on Adafruit in the link below that checks Twitter for user mentions when a button is pressed, and then turns on an LED if there is a new mention.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Contact | Temboo - we're always happy to help.