Temp Control of Dyson Fan?

I need temperature control for the fan near my pellet stove. Currently I'm just using a temp controller that switches AC to turn on a normal fan. This works, but I have a nice Dyson bladeless fan that of course does not work that way. If you interrupt the power it stops.

So looks like I need a few things:
1 - A higher temp sensor than the RHT03, which has a max of 80C. The air coming from my pellet stove can exceed that. 100C or 120C would be better.
2 - An IR transmitter, and an IR sensor.
3 - An example project to "Train" the Arduino to emit IR codes since who knows what IR code stream dyson uses to turn on the fan. Or what new code they would use on the next fan I choose. I'm guessing I can "Train" the Arduino to emit the code it learned from the fan's IR remote. Do we have projects that do that?
4 - some way to "sense" whether the fan is running I guess. Since the remote only has a "Power" button and not separate ON and OFF buttons. Maybe I could sense current draw above a certain level? Or just sense Airflow?

Any other projects we know of that do something like this?

Can someone point me to sensors and projects that can get me started? I've not used Arduino before, but I'm a retired sw/hw engineer, so I don't think the technology is an issue.


Check out the IRRemote library. There are examples that you can use to figure out what your remote is transmitting so you can make your arduino do the same.

Take a look at the DS18B20 temperature sensor. It gives you the range you need and is easy to interface to an Arduino.

A non invasive current sensor will tell you whether the fan is running.

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