Temp control

Ok so i have a program useing an lm35 and 2 leds the leds turn on and off depending of the temp of the program. The program works fine but would like to expand on it. What do i look for to get examples or tuturial so i can change the set temp useing a tft or pushbuttons and it will change it in the program.

Hope that made sence


Have a look at member jurs' code in this thread, where he shows how to use the buttons on a DFR0009 LCD to dial in a value. I used it in my project to measure gravity, where I dialed in the length of the pendulum.

Thankyou, ill give it a read but looks like what im wanting to do

This might be of interest... Instead of physical buttons/ display, we used MegunoLink to create an interface for temperature control of a room with an air conditioner: