Temp controlled door opener

Hello, new here and at the arduino family and am hoping to learn and use them in a lot of areas. So here is my first task, i need to make a temperature controlled door opener. The door is powered by 3 buttons, open, close , stop. So im needing to be able to set a temp, say 75 degrees door opens for 5 sec then stops, then at 70 degrees closes again. Then at 85 degrees it opens for 5 seconds then at 80 goes back down for 5 seconds. then last at 90 degrees it opens fully to 10sec and at 85 degrees goes down 10 seconds. This way here at 91 degrees door is max open and at 69 degrees its fully closed. The trigger has to hit the up or down button then after 5 sec, 10 seconds,ect seconds hit the stop button. i figure i can wire the contacts to a relay but having the arduino do it all i have no idea how to get the programming going. Any help would be appreciated.

Post the program that represents your best attempt and tell us in detail what it actually does and what you want it to do that is different. And please use the code button </> when posting code


Are you planning to measure the angle or just drive the motor for a specific amount of time?

Are you planning to measure the angle or just drive the motor for a specific amount of time?

I was figuring to keep it simple just have it run the motor for x seconds. What we are doing is we have a steam bending company and the room that has our vacuum kiln in it gets warm and if it gets to warm the a/c units dont perform as well, so we want to vent the hot air into the unheated area of the building. We do it manually now but it would be nice for it to just do it on its own. As for programming I have yet to write anything im literally just getting started in arduino and just purchased a large kit and a couple uno boards to play with. I was in computer repair for over 14 years so I hope i can pick up on the language fairly fast. Any input good or bad and/or guidance will be appreciated.

I suggest you start by studying the example programs that come with the Arduino IDE. I suspect most of the techniques you will need will be covered by one or other of them.

Make copies of some of the examples and experiment by modifying them.

There are lots of useful links on the Useful Links Thread.


People have to walk through the door while the Arduino is controlling it?