Temp monitoring with extras.

Good morning everyone.

I am working on a project to assist a local hospital that tends to the elderly. Given the time restraints I am posting here for a bit of help given my time table has become a bit short. This is what I am working on;

I am working on a Temperature and humidity monitoring system using the DHT11 sensors, a Arduino mini-pro and an ethernet shield. Also added are a Pan and Tilt servo system with a CCTV camera attached. What I need this system to do is this:

1) Monitor real time temperature and Humidity. 2) Report the data to a external webpage (PHP or even HTML upload of data to FTP to refresh the data on the webpage) 3 ) (Optional) - A controllable CCTV camera that will provide realtime video images of the area being monitored with a web interface to control the camera via a web portal.

In a nutshell I want to be able to allow the doctors or nurses to be able to go to a webpage via a computer or even a smartphone, once on the page, they see the real time Temp and Humidity and are able to use the controls on the webpage to pan and tilt the camera around the room to monitor the room for safety.

This project is something I have volunteered to help with to provide extra security to some Alzheimer patents. The budget for this is almost zero but I am paying for the parts and time out of my own pocket. What I am in need of is this:

1) Someone that has the same parts I am working with. 2) One that can bench test and prototype the workings of the device at their location 3) Can help write the code to be uploaded to a working model 4) Can help walk through the setup process of parts and programming on this side for us to PCB the project and put into application.

Again I am more then willing to pay someone to help me out with this project but I am paying out of pocket for this to help the local nursing home. (Not rich just care about the people)

I hope to roll out this aid device across many nursing homes to help prevent any more heat related deaths. Currently they have no way of real time monitoring and any help the body corp has gone to for solution providers have been met with highly expensive and redundant systems that are not only impractical but downright greedy and putting money over human life. I would like to change this and help, with that, I am asking for any help from any of the talent out here that can lend a hand. Please PM me in interested.