Temp sensor how accurate

I've just bought opla and ran the first tutorial to test its working.

The temperatureis showing 27 degrees centigrade.

I cant believe this, it's a cold rainy day here in Uk and I feel like putting a jumper on ( I only ever wear tshirts even in winter).

The average temp in my flat is normally between 13 to 18 degrees.

Is this sensor really inaccurate or is it not meant to measure room temperature?

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What is an opla?
What model Arduino are you using?
Please post your code.
Please post a circuit diagram.

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opla ardunio IOT kit as sold by ardunio.

I have nonidea how one would get a circuit diagram for this. The code was just cut and pasted from the arduino web site so I'm going to assume the code is correct.It just reads the sensor and prints it to the display.

The kit includes mkr wifi 1010.

How about posting a link to where you got your information?

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PS, Did you read the information link I posted?

This is opla? ???

RV mineirin

ok i just found a load if other posts in this forum about the sensor being 10 degrees higher than room temperature.

Looks like this product is naf :pensive:

yeah, and first impressions are not very good.....not sure why so many positive reviews.

Hi, glad you found some relevant info.

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Thanks for help, but I've decided to take this up with Arduino support. Either this product is broke or not fit for purpose.

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I understood that the kit's thermal sensor is mounted internally.
And that is why I think that he will not make correct measurements of the environment, because the heat generated by his electronics will affect the temperature measurements.
See page 4.

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If I suspected an electronic theremometer was not accurate, I would check it against one that I knew was accurate.

Checking a thermometer reads 0c accuratly is fairly easy .................

The schematic shows an HTS221 temperature and humidity sensor. The datasheet for that chip says:
Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 °C,15 to +40 °C

Either the chip is in a warm place or the software is wrong. It's not as simple as reading the temperature from a register. You have to read the calibration values from the chip and do a linear interpolation. Maybe the library got it wrong?

If you have a fan blow room air across the board, do you get a more reasonable answer?

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