Temp sensor to Atiny85

Please help I want to put the following sketch onto a Atiny85 but I cant work out what connections to make on the Atiny.
I have tried everything but cant get it to work! I mybe missing some code that I need to get it to run on a Atiny or just not wiring up correctly. Thanks for all your help in advance.
My project was to build warning lights (2 or 3) showing at low temps when on my motor bike this winter (black ice warning!) 8c 5c 0c

temp lights using Atiny85 & LM35
int tempPin = A0;
int led01 = 2;
int led02 = 3;
int led03 = 4;
int tempMax = 32;
int tempMin = 5;
int temp;

void setup() {

pinMode (led01, OUTPUT);
pinMode (led02, OUTPUT);
pinMode (led03, OUTPUT);
pinMode (tempPin, INPUT);

void loop() {
temp = analogRead(tempPin);
temp = temp * 0.48828125;

if (temp > tempMax)
digitalWrite(led01, HIGH);
digitalWrite(led02, LOW);
digitalWrite(led02, LOW);
else if (temp < tempMin)
digitalWrite(led01, LOW);
digitalWrite(led02, LOW);
digitalWrite(led02, LOW);
digitalWrite(led03, HIGH);
digitalWrite(led01, LOW);
digitalWrite(led02, HIGH);
digitalWrite(led02, LOW);
digitalWrite(led03, LOW);

Please supply more information. In what way does it not work? What does happen? How is it wired? Which ATtiny core is being used? Is the ATtiny being programmed successfully (which programmer)? Clock speed and operating voltage are good to know as well.

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According to this and other pages, there's no A0.... they're A1, 2 and 3.

A0 does exist, but it's on the Reset pin, so probably a lot of folks won't be using it.

Just to add a bit more info as requested.

I am using a Uno board to program the ATtiny85 chip all goes well. Wiring in the problem I think and maybe some code missing. Don't know were to put the output data wire from the LM35 temp sensor & which pins to use to trigger the led lights. Seems I am missing some code as I can't get the data input to talk to the LEDs. if I connect pin 2 with the data output from the LM35 pin 7 goes live and the led will light but the temp change does not turn off etc. Please help I must be doing something so stupid I can't see it. Tried for 3 days to get this to work. All OK when I run the sketch on the Arduino Uno board. Thanks in advance for your help!