Temperature and gas sensor

Hi everybody,

I I'm looking for your help for my school project about a temperature and methane sensor.

My system will convert Analog sensor value to numeric value in the microcontroller and send information to a software program (on a computer).

For my prototype, I will use Arduino platform, microcontroller AVR328P. Sensors I must used for this project will be : Thermal resistor (NTCLE100E3103JB0) Gas sensor (MQ-3)

I just had 2 codes but I didn't know how to link them together to create my final sensor.....

Do you have any idea ?

int thermistorPin = A0; //analog pin 0

void setup(){

void loop(){
int thermistorReading = analogRead(thermistorPin);

delay(250); //just here to slow down the output for easier reading
int mq3_analogPin = A0; // connected to the output pin of MQ3

void setup(){
Serial.begin(9600); // open serial at 9600 bps

void loop()
// give ample warmup time for readings to stabilize

int mq3_value = analogRead(mq3_analogPin);

delay(100); //Just here to slow down the output.

Start with reading a beginners guide to Arduino. The web is full with those.

And study the datasheets of these sensors. Just reading the analog value is meaningless unless you can convert it to temperature values in Celcius or Kelvin or Fahrenheit for example.

To get your code combined. merge the applicable parts. Both code fragments assume the sensor attached to the same analog input A0, move one (also physically!) to another free analog input like A1.