temperature and humidity sensor

i have made a temp and RH sensor by following the project at instructables https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-IOT-Temperature-and-Humidity-With-ESP8266-/

The only thing worrying me right now is that my esp8266 gets heated very quickly and i have to use this my arduino uno on a daily basis,so yeah how long will the project survive for?

the other thing being that thethingspeak.com on which i am going to upload my temp and Rh is free only for one year(i honestly don't want buy there channel) if it does survive for a year i will have to reprogram
any other ideas which can make my project last longer?

Thanks in advance.

how is your esp8266 connected and powered?

how is your esp8266 connected and powered?

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; advice given must not have been good enough, so he starts yet another post